Biomass Heating and Boilers

Biomass BoilerDAB Plumbing and Heating Ltd offers unrivalled technical expertise providing the best solutions in renewable heating.

Biomass Boilers

Our services include:

• Site Surveys & Full Feasibility Studies
• Project Management & Detailed Design of Biomass Boiler Installations
• Supply & Installation of Fuel feed systems, Storage, Boilers & Heating circuits
• Servicing & Maintenance

We offer a range of wood chip & biomass boilers from leading industry suppliers. Our range of biomass and wood chip boilers can accommodate a number of fuel types including wood chips, wood pellets and also log, and are suitable for a range of power outputs; from domestic heating to large industrial and commercial heating systems.

DAB Plumbing & Heating has established close partnership arrangements with leading boiler manufacturers. These biomass boilers are of the highest quality and the best value in the industry and include:

• Automatic Heat Exchanger cleaning.
• Automatic Ash Removal.
• Open Protocol.

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Fuel Feed Systems & Storage

How the fuel is delivered from the vehicle into the store can vary widely from site to site and also from fuel to fuel. For instance, pellets are usually 'blown' into the fuel store whereas the majority of wood chip deliveries are tipped. Rural Energy have developed innovative solutions which minimise both delivery time and capital costs. In the early design stages it is important to establish where in relation to the boiler the fuel store can be sited, bearing in mind vehicle access and constraints on auger lengths and angles whilst ensuring the fuel is automatically fed at the correct rate.

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